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When was the last time we had an Age defined by our humanity?

300 years approximately. It started with the Industrial Age, then the Machine Age, Atomic Age, Space Age, and now we're in the Information Age - which is made up of the Social Media Age, Multimedia Age, and now we're in the Age of Big Data.

Where are we in all this? 

We're at the forefront of a new era, one I am summoning as “The Age of Insight”.


Thanks to the slippery perceptions of “truth”, people desire to be tethered to their core strengths and values. To have a solid foundation upon which to make decisions and create a life of meaning.


This might be running a better company. It might be having healthier relationships. It might be living a more thoughtful existence beyond making a lot of money. No longer can we afford to continue to focus outward, molding our actions around exterior forces.


As a Philosopher and global thought leader, my role is to help guide what we should be inspired to do as human beings.


I believe the biggest threat to our progress is ignorance, of ourselves, others, and the world.


The remedy is insight - which literally means to “see inside”.


The pandemic has given us an incredible opportunity, and I see how people are asking bigger questions of themselves and others, challenging old norms, and trying to make things better.

After a fire, all that's left is the foundation.


We need a catalyst and aspiration for these changes. 


The reason I believe pioneering a new Age, the “Age of Insight”, is the most important call to action for all of us, is because it not only acknowledges something we are all capable of, insight, but what we so desperately need more of in the world.


For the past 300 years, society has been framed in very technical ages a legacy of external forces and influences that determined the way we live, work, and relate.


Where is our Renaissance our Age of Enlightenment?


We can no longer be absent from how we are framing our entire society and the age we are in. Even the marks of the Post Modern Age are contingency, instability, and fragmentation. And we wonder why we find ourselves lost, separate, and alone!


The pendulum always swings the other way. The best of us, the eras and movements that connected us to a higher calling, all were born out of tribulation. And we have been tested, greatly, and continue to be so. 


We need to pull from the strength of our inner wisdom, to stand on the shoulders of all this knowledge that these technological ages have brought us. To harness and translate this and take it into greater strength, wisdom, courage, and hope.


To use insight to its fullest in our future endeavors. Our survival quite literally depends on it.


In the Age of Insight, we connect to a larger world by truthfully seeing, exploring new possibilities by listening to the call of curiosity, mastering our environments through effort and concentration, and creating a better existence for ourselves and all by using what we have of our lives to truly live. 


Imagine a global community of thought leaders, philosophers, partners, populace, and allies that are looking inside and taking new actions, what we could do from the perspective of acting from the inside out.


Insight is the foundation upon which all prosperous and healthy activity generates.


This is why I predict and am calling forth “The Age of Insight”.

- Cristina DiGiacomo, Chief Philosophy Officer

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