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The Philosopher's Council™ is the world's first Practical Philosophy membership group that is a guided space for deeper thinking dedicated to supporting philosophical leaders of all kinds in expanding and delivering their knowledge to the world in a way that is fulfilling and makes a difference.

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The World Needs You.
They just don't know it (yet).

Being philosophical can be lonely. It's not easy getting blank stares after you've shared a philosophical thought, an inspired idea, or a big insight!


What if you were in a community of deep thinkers who "get you" and are passionate about

applying Philosophy in the real world to help people?


What would be possible for your work if you were able to achieve new levels of leadership, thinking, alliances, meaningful relationships with other thinkers and doers that you would never have access to anywhere else, with new frameworks of thinking and action that give you new strategies for your work?


The Philosopher's Council is the world's first practical Philosophy council on a mission to

further Philosophy's original intention - to illuminate and make a difference in the issues

people face today.

To bring Philosophy out of hiding and change lives.

We're big thinkers who gather, discuss, share our work and ideas, collaborate, and motivate each other to act and take those ideas out into the world.

There are many opportunities to learn new things, share your knowledge, expand your influence, and be a force for change. ​

The Philosopher's Council provides you with the support, resources, and relationships you need to cultivate, elevate, and activate yourself and your work.

Philosophy is alive and well and ready to meet the moment!


The Philosopher's Council makes sure you're there.

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We bring Philosophy to life.

If you are a CEO or business leader who is philosophical, or a Philosopher working with the public, or someone passionate about using Philosophy to help people . . .







  • Connect with like-minded peers passionate about the common goal of bringing Philosophy to as many people as possible. 

  • Deepen your knowledge and learn a variety of ways to cultivate your understanding of how to make Philosophy more useful for yourself, and others.

  • Access to speakers at the forefront of thinking so you can maintain your intellectual rigor.

  • Gain clarity of mind and renewal of self in our unique, world-class retreats.

  • Learn about the frameworks and tactics to promote your philosophical approach so you can be productive and lucrative.

  • Workshops that will push your philosophical thinking, initiatives, and projects forward so you can expand your reach. 

  • Resources, referrals, and support in areas of thought leadership, planning and development, content creation, digital presence, publishing, community building, so you can find new avenues for your ideas.

  • Get counsel from the council! Get feedback on your ideas, projects, or something you want to do so you can get a fresh perspective and make the right decisions in how to move forward.

  • Brainstorm and collaborate with peers so you can generate new ideas and opportunities so you can maximize your work.

  • Accountability when you need it so you can stop thinking and start making a difference!

This council is for you:
  • To enrich and expand your thoughts, your ideas, and your potential 

  • To feel challenged, intellectually stimulated, and enjoy good company 

  • To develop new channels for your work and give you the tools to do so


We'd love to get to know you! Please fill out the information below so our team can
contact you with the next steps. Please note there are fees associated with membership.

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