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We don't just think, we act.

We call ourselves The Pantheon, a curated group of elite thinkers and do'ers breaking down the barriers of Philosophy. As an Esteemed Fellow of The Pantheon, you get to participate and grow from our many diverse programs.

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Pantheon Sessions™

Get the opportunity to: learn and grow from unique speakers, exercise your mind and challenge your thinking, get advice on the work you're doing, and get down and nerdy with your fellow Philo's. Have a laugh, enjoy a lively discussion, and make new friends.


Everyone has an opportunity to present and share their knowledge in the Council. However, we want to go further and bring you Q&A with unique speakers. What is the philosophy of Rap? Or Drag performance? DJ'ing, Robots, Horror movies, Cowboys and so much more - there's a Philosophy you've never experienced waiting to excite you so you can stimulate new ideas for your work.


Get counsel on the burning questions you have about your practice, initiatives, and projects. Share your challenges with us and receive nurturing guidance, support, and direction on how to move forward. Here from people who have been there before - this is invaluable advice you will not get anywhere else.


Is there a Philosopher you want to dive deeper into? Want to learn how to make your Philosophical knowledge more practical? The opportunities to exercise your knowledge are limitless and the practice sessions will deliver experiences to do so in fun and stimulating ways so you can be more effective.


Practice, connect and reflect in our world-class Philosopher's Way retreats. As Philosophers and Big Thinkers, we need the time to deepen self-knowledge, return to our true nature, so we can take what we learned and share it with the world. Experience "The Way of The Philosopher" - in places steeped in history, wisdom, and tranquility.

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